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Feature:2 in 1 video parking sensor
Feature:blind spot detection
C722 USA License plate video park...
Feature:USA License plate 3 in 1 video parking sensor
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·SB-W43 Car LCD Come Into Market 2013-09-21

FEATURES : Ultra high definition digital LCD screen Mature and stable mainboard driver Perfect parking sensor with elegant shell   

·SB2028 COMING INTO MARKET 2013-09-21

Car DVR  SB2028 come into market  2013-9-21     Features :   High definition 1080P ,  Wtih G-sensor ,  Loop video without missing seconds ,  Motion dete...

·New product SB378-4 come into market (2010.06.14)

·New Product SB376-4 and SB377-4 come into market (2010.01.22)

·New product CB3901 and CB3902 come into market (2009.11.23)