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Feature:2 in 1 video parking sensor
Feature:blind spot detection
C722 USA License plate video park...
Feature:USA License plate 3 in 1 video parking sensor
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·new C716 3 in 1 Video Parking Sensor

  One products, two functios. CISBO new video parking sensor including one camera,2 sensors and 2 LEDs, you can see the image and distance once your reversing the car.   Specifications: 1, This system combine the 2 sensors  and one camera, show the image and distance on the monit...

·New product SB-S50 5 inch monitor

5 inch TFT Monitor

·C716 3 in 1 video parking sensor

New product  C716   3 in 1 Video parking sensor  Combine  two sensor and one camera,show the image and distance on the monitor or DVD display. This item is on market now , welcome all of you to inquire . Price is competitive and quality is stable. &nb...

·SB882-4 Video Parking Sensor come into market

 SB882-4 Video Parking Sensor Come Into Market      This model contains below functions :  Video display , color car model , parking sensor . Eight period of voice alar...